– The place to Party!

Today’s Buzz is about a site called  It’s a site that utilizes a gathering of your friends to start the world talking about a particular product or service.  Their word of mouth concept is simple.  You go to their website HOUSEPARTY.COM and register your name, address, and fill out some basic information then you are granted access to their site and can apply to host their client’s “parties“.  What does that mean exactly?  Well after applying for specific campaigns if you are selected you are given product or merchandise to test at your gathering of friends.  Once you have everyone over, you play with the game, or test the food or whatever you get to do and well…talk about it. 

You can blog about it,  about it, or upload a video. actually encourages your social media participation at every level.  Through their website you can apply for parties that are open for application and view parties that are currently happening all over the U.S. 

Now does everyone get to host a party?  Well….no.  Sometimes you might apply for a house party that you really would like to do only to get turned down.  It happens.  Sometimes there are an overwhelming number of applicants for the party and only a select few get to host.  But fear not…they are always adding new parties and opening applications to host. makes every effort to include everyone in their process.  I mean they do want a broad range of testers after all. 

If you follow them on Facebook and Twitter you can be first to learn of new House Parties and jump at the application process. 

For those wondering…I have yet to host a party, but when I do I know it will be a whole lot of fun!  (At least that is what everyone that hosts one says)   I’m looking forward to it! 

Please visit to learn how you can get in on the party or like them on facebook here:  and be sure to follow them on Twitter here: @HousePartyFun

Happy Hosting!

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