Personal Brand: What makes you tick?

Personal Branding: What makes you tick?

Personal Branding: What makes you tick?

Studying and understanding traditional marketing methods in business is easy.  Learning about techniques to sell, market, and research customers is easy.  Honing in on a particular market segment and addressing client needs is easy because the data is there all in black and white.  Well, it is relatively easy anyway, there is still a lot of hard work that needs to be done to be successful at marketing something through a campaign.  Much of that same hard work applies when you are the subject of your own marketing.  However, setting up your personal brand can be a daunting task, especially if you are not really used to praising yourself, or noticing just how awesome you really are in everything you do.  Creating your personal brand online forces you to take a detailed look at every position you have held, and every role you have ever taken in your social, professional,  and personal lives.

When you’re creating your personal brand, everything counts.  Taking the captain position on your basketball team or softball league…counts.  It shows leadership qualities and skills like people management.    Everything counts. Let’s say that you and your coworkers are coming together in an office meeting to discuss a client who needs ideas for a promotion.  One of you takes on the role of leader, the other idea generator, and still another might make a better writer/communicator. Each one of you has just added another skill to your personal brand.  So when you are trying to figure out just who you want to be online try thinking about just who you are in your own personal life.  Do you enjoy talking with people?  You might be a great communicator.  Do people often come to you for your advice or information?  You might make an amazing mentor.  If you are looking to present yourself as a great leader, think back to a time when you have taken on roles that forced you to be in a leadership role.  What did you do?  How did you take that role and make it your own?  What skills did you utilize?  These are questions that you can answer that will help you create your personal brand and give you the confidence you need to present yourself as such online and in any communication with others in your field.  The small bit of take away advice for this type of branding would be to apply the following to your list of things to do to get you to understand the kind of person you are and set you on your way to improvement, or on to your other goal.

1.  Review previous roles and think about your skills utilized in them. Write down a few skills you used to reach your goal.(can you believe you were that amazing?)

2. Define your strengths.

3.  Think about where you want to be (new job, better pay, online thought leader, etc) and how the skills you have might get you there.

4. Think about your weaknesses and try to find one or two that you can work on.  (We all have them, if you don’t…start a new religion)

5. Ask yourself where you would like to be, use your amazing skills, sell yourself, present your strengths,  and GET THERE!

Good luck!!  

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